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Country Risk Assessment Suppose you have been asked to advise your CEO on the placement of its next foreign office. Your company is in the manufacturing sector. The CEO is only interested in one of the following locations: Botswana (Africa) Ecuador (South America) Sri Lanka (Asia) Turkey (Europe) Part I: You have been asked to compare these four locations with regard to the following five parameters: 1. Natural hazards, 2. Age structure (for potential labor resources), 3. Legal system, 4. Inflation, and 5. Unemployment using the information found in The World Factbook (this is at the following website: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/index.html). Rank the locations from 1-4 in order of preferred location for your manufacturing facility. Recommendation: Use a tabular format to show the information for each parameter by country. Then write a brief statement (1 or 2 typed pages) to analyze how they compare across the parameters and what you recommend to the CEO after your research. Be clear about the reason you are making that specific recommendation. You are allowed to include other parameters from the World Factbook in addition to the ones requested, if you think they will strengthen your selected location. Be sure to list them, if included. Part II: Required for Graduate Students Only: Use The Handbook of Country Risk 2008 : A Guide to International Business and Trade to see what the outlook for foreign direct investment was in 2008. Each country has a short report, generally 3-4 pages long. Read this report and make an assessment (based on any resources you would like to use, but please include other resources as a citation) of how or whether the country’s risk has changed over the 7 years following that report. Your comments should take no more than 1-2 typed pages. Please remember to include your name typed within the Word document that you upload. Do not copy the report of others or allow them to copy your report. If there is evidence of copying, all submissions that are the same will be greatly penalized.