Ben and Jerry's SWOT (ORIGINAL answer attached)

Identify a company to utilize for this presentation. Ideally this
company should be the one for which you either previously or currently work. If
that is not possible or desirable on your end, you may select any organization
for which you can get the relevant data.

Section One: Utilizing your company case study, identify and
discuss the following features:◾Company Mission Statement (summarize if you
have to; don’t present more than one or two sentences quoting the mission, then
go on to discuss the impact of such a mission statement)◾Company Stakeholders◾External


Section Two: Utilizing a SWOT
Analysis, identify the following features for your organization:◾Strengths◾Weaknesses◾Opportunities◾Threats
Section Three: Utilizing your text resources and personal history, identify and
name one solid strategic management recommendation you have for this company.
Be sure to state “why” and give examples of what led you to these assumptions.
Finally, make sure that you are writing in solid essay form, utilizing APA
style in-text citations and Reference page entries for a minimum of three
source references.