The assignment is a plan, which requires you to describe and justify the approach that you would take to implementing a change initiative making use of relevant literature. ( do not use USA in the essay and do not use reference from USA too)
( you can choose any country Uk- Indonesia-Singapore ……except USA

Introduction– scope the contents of the essay in an introduction

1-Body one –Describe an educational change management that you would like to (or will) implement in your organisation in the next 12 months. This should be a ‘real’ example – do not select a change that has already been implemented or which you do not realistically intend to implement. Ensure that you provide enough detail about the setting, the people involved and the intended change initiative for the reader to fully understand the change and change process being described
2–body two— select on education change management area and overview its background and current content
3–body three —Write a plan for how you intend to implement this change. This could take the form of a table, list, and diagram – use the format that you consider most clearly

4—body four–Using the literature relevant readings that you have located), explain the theory/s that underpin your approach to change management as a whole and——–Once again using the literature explain and justify your choice of specific implementation actions and strategies
5—body five —discuss the possible future direction of the education change and development

6- conclusion

Use academic essay format
Use academic references
The word count does not contain the references page




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