crashing a project schedule


This assignment for a project management course. And its need to be done by an expert in a project schedule and other business and financial problems. In addition, this assignment might need more or less than three pages and it has to be done in Excel.



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Business Simulation


To complete this assignment you will need to:
Set up a run a business using ((SimVenture software)) for 12 Months.
You initial capital is to be £25000 of your own money.
The Sim Venture settings are: Difficulty Level = Moderate; Owner = New Starter.
You will be required to prepare a 12 month business review which includes the following: ( 3 Sections )
(1) Business background section :
• Introduction
• Chairman’s statement
• Overview of product/service, and a review of potential changes to be made
• A review of the relationship between the business and its stakeholder groups.

(2) Financials Section :
• 12 month Income statement
• Balance sheet as at the end of the year
• Cash flow statement,
• Budgets as appropriate including project capital budgets
• Appropriate financial ratios, and an assessment of their value

(3) Future developments :
• Sources of finance actual and potential statement,
• Company mission statements The review is to be accompanied with appendices, which show
• Monthly production sales and profit figures [for 12 months]
• Monthly cash flows into and out of the business [for 12 months]
• Capital/loan requirements and timing
• Marketing/product/ customer analysis.
Note this is your analysis based on any research carried out by you.



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University Budgeting and Online Education

Must include Introduction and Conclusion. Be sure to use Headings and Sub-Headings.

Basic Premise: For most of their histories, traditional colleges and universities have had no serious competition except from institutions with similar operating models. However, for the first time disruptive technologies are at work in higher education as competitors are offering online courses and degrees. Clayton Christensen, Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and Henry J. Eyring, vice president for advancement at Brigham Young University—Idaho, describe the evolution of the widely influential Harvard model, and note the disruptive potential of online degree providers as evidenced by their divergence from that model. They encourage institutions to commit to real innovation by changing their DNA from the inside out, and discourage them from trying to excel at too much as they attempt to climb ahead of their competitors. Instead, they recommend that traditional universities adopt a pattern of continuous innovation focused on their unique mission—without undue concern for either tradition or what other institutions are doing.

Special Note: This paper is to introduce a proposal to bring an online Bachelor Degree program to Pillar College, its President’s Cabinet and Board of Trustees. It is the belief of this writer such an addition will increase our enrollment exponentially, thus adding additional revenues to an otherwise restricted budget.

Review your readings from the course text. Prepare a 5-page (not including APA Cover Page, References Page or any Appendices) essay discussing the following:

With an inconsistent economy and regular governmental policy alterations, it is important for a university to strategically allocate its monetary resources to support its operations and avoid retrenchment or bankruptcy. In many instances, a university’s budgeting committee will consider these factors when developing their financial strategy, although the amount of varying techniques, such as long-term forecasting or marketing investments, are different depending on the opinion of the institution’s executives and research department.

Fracture lines can be seen everywhere in America’s higher education system, from skyrocketing tuition costs and mounting student debt to a significant mismatch between the skills employers seek and those students possess upon graduation. These pressures, coupled with the recognition that the status quo is unsustainable, are in turn fueling innovation across the higher education ecosystem. We are beginning to see the emerging outlines of a new landscape with online learning for higher education.

1. Provide a thorough overview of the financial budget planning process for a university, emphasizing the importance and function of the varying techniques to accommodate and prevent retrenchment.
– Pillar College is a small tuition-driven institution of higher learning with its main campus located in Newark, the largest city in New Jersey. As the paradigm has shifted over the years, Pillar has made two major additions over the past decade and a half to stay afloat in the ultra-competitive New York/New Jersey metropolitan market. Below is a brief description of the two stimuli (LEAD and BLEND) along with the final impetus, Online Degree Program.

a. LEAD – Pillar College introduced its Life Enhancing Accelerated Degree Program in 2001. This program is specifically designed for working adults ages 25 and older. Students can enter the program with 48 or more credits and complete a Bachelor’s degree in 20 to 22 months.

b. BLEND – Pillar began offering its Bi-Lingual Entry Degree Program in 2012 to meet the needs of our Hispanic students where English is their second language. Students can complete an Associate’s degree in just two years completely in their native language of Spanish; all while blending five levels of ESL into their program.

c. Online Degree Program – The third and final addition that needs to be made to take Pillar to the next level is the addition of an Online Degree Program. While students currently can take online classes at the college, there is no degree completion program offered online.

2. Compare and contrast alternate theories and techniques and provide your personal opinion of how to increase the probability of organizational success and sustainability.

Include examples of a current or recent event that involved budgeting restructuring within a university to accommodate a government regulation or economic crisis.

You are required to utilize a minimum of 6 to 7 academic resources for the Final Essay. These are academic resources other than your texts. Please format your document and corresponding in-text citation in APA Style. Remember to format your document and all citations in APA style, including a University cover page.

Primary Text: You must use the following primary text book:

Goldstein, L. (2005). A Guide to College & University Budgeting. Foundations for Institutional Effectiveness. Publisher: National Association of College & University Business Officers.

Resources: You are required to utilize a minimum of 6 academic resources other than your primary text and format your document and corresponding in-text citation in 6th edition APA Style.



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Ethical issues in Business statistics & Econonmics

Christian worldview portfolio paper discussing how the following scriptures : Proverbs 18:18, Psalms 1, II Chronicles 18:13, Joshua 24:15, Matthew 16:33, Jeremiah 17:9 relate to (1) ethical issues involved in forecasting and (2) ethical issues involved in decision analysis. Give specific examples and be sure to use scripture support.



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Characteristics of Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities and Strategies to Teach Individuals With EBD


a) Make a three-column chart with the following column headings: Observation, Reflection, and Recommendation. Using your notes from your practicum experience, complete the columns according to the following:
i) In the Observation column, explain what you observed in terms of instructional practice, behavior interventions and modifications, and systems. Be thorough and complete in your observations.
ii) In the Reflection column, write your reflection in terms of whether or not you believe this instruction, behavior, or system is effective. Do this for each observation you make. Support your opinion with information you have gained from this course (lecture, text, discussion, etc.).
iii) In the Recommendation column, discuss what you would recommend in terms of improving that which you observed (be specific). Use the course lectures, readings, and discussion forum to inform this recommendation.
b) APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Scoring Tool/Guide (Rubric)
eMOTION (Benchmark Assessment)

Criteria 1: Unsatisfactory 2: Less Than Satisfactory 3: Satisfactory 4: Good 5:

InTASC: Week 7
CEC: 1 Observations are vague and all three categories are not stated.
Two of three category observations are stated and briefly discussed in terms of their effectiveness and ineffectiveness.
Each category has a minimum of three observations; each is reflected upon in terms of its effectiveness and ineffectiveness.
Each category has a minimum of five observations; each is reflected upon in terms of its effectiveness and ineffectiveness.
Reflection of effectiveness and ineffectiveness is thorough and logical.

Recommendations for Improvement


CEC: 5 No improvement recommendations are made. Recommendations for improvement are made for some of the observations, but they are sketchy. Recommendations for improvement are made for all observations and are informed by course material and discussion. Recommendations are credible and viable. Recommendations indicate an insightful understanding of the subject matter.
Three-Column Chart and APA-Style Title Page

5% Chart is not used for assignment nor are columns titled as required. No title page is included.

Chart is used. Title page is not in APA style.
Columns are titled as required. Title page is in APA style.

All information is present in the chart, and described correctly. Chart goes beyond just describing the information—explains observations, recommendations, and the influence that the recommendations will have for long-term goals.

Mechanics of Writing (includes spelling, punctuation, grammar)

Surface errors are pervasive enough that they impede communication of meaning. APA style is not used.

Frequent and repetitive mechanical errors distract the reader.
Some mechanical errors or typos are present, but are not overly distracting to the reader. APA style is used.
Prose is largely free of mechanical errors, although a few may be present.
Writer is clearly in control of standard, written, American English.



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English Final Research Paper.

Please add 3 to the essay portion.

Please Strenghthen Thesis

All citations and documentation must be done in complete and correct MLA 7th edition format

All paraphrased and quoted material must be documented correctly.

The sources included must be appropriate for use in one of the prompts for the research essay (see below for that assignment)

Use of proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics, and attention to coherence is expected

Discuss the history of the theater. You could focus on one of the fathers of drama (Aristotle, Thespis, Aeschylus, or Sophocles) or the lot of them and show how they formed drama today. You may want to explore Greek Theater or Elizabethan Theater, or compare the two. You could look at Contemporary Theater and note how it varies from the Greeks and the Elizabethans. You may want to explore the structure of the actual theaters. Look at the theater in the round concept that the Greeks used, as opposed to the proscenium arch that Elizabethans made popular and are still in use today. Another possibility would be to focus a study on one of the early theatrical traditions, such as the miracle and mystery plays, or traveling troops. You may want to look at how the church almost put an end to theater all together.



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'Why is neo-liberalism an important term in understanding contemporary media industries?

‘Why is neo-liberalism an important term in understanding contemporary media industries? Your answer should include reference to the McChesney and Hesmondhalgh articles in the course reader. the essay (2000 words plus list of references) provides an opportunity for you to build on the outline you submitted in Week 5. The essay questions are posted on iLearn. Unless otherwise advised by your tutor, you should address the same essay question, but you may want to modify your approach or arguments in the light of feedback from your tutor and your own reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of your argument. All essays should include evidence of wide reading and significant independent research. Your essay should refer to AT LEAST: three readings from the uni reader, including those mentioned in your specific essay question. five academic sources beyond the unit reader. At least two of these should be articles from an academic peer-reviewed journal. Broader reading within the disciplines of media, communications and cultural studies will be highly valued. All essays should include a reference list with full bubliographic details of all sources referred to in the essay, and in-text referencing. In MAS105, we expect you to use the Harvard or author-date referencing style. Further information about how to use this style is included on the library website under ‘Harvard Style’. Marking Criteria Understanding and critical engagement with key readings in the unit Comparison and analysis of key concepts in the unit Independent research within the discipline Use of research and reading to support the argument Organisation of argument including clear addressing of the question Clarity of communication Accurate and appropriate referencing Ability to reflect upon and utilise essay outline feedback



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Nietzsche & Freud – On the human condition


Essay must be based on references from texts read in class

1.) Nietzsche – Genealogy of Morality: Essay 2 & Essay 3 specifically

2.) Freud – Civilization & its Discontents, Miss Lucy R case study

Must cite from these sources MLA

From Nietzsche: aphorisms 28 & 12-16 will be useful

no internet sources

72 hour deadline


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Technology in the Science Laboratory

Assessable Task Grading
3. Technology in the Science Lab (2000 words)
(a) Develop an Assessment Task – Practical based on the NSW BOSTES National Curriculum, that focuses on the integration of digital technology in the laboratory to hand to a Year 7 (Stage 4) Science class.
(b) In a separate table detail where the selected Syllabus outcomes are covered in the Task.
(c) Justify the task by describing its context within a unit of work and how it helps with assessing for learning.
The handout for the Assessment Task should cover the following areas:
• The problem to be investigated;
• The design of the investigation that allows valid and reliable data and information to be collected;
• Identification of the most appropriate equipment (technology) needed to undertake the investigation;
• The conduct of the investigation (providing details of the time involved and where and how the data will be collected and recorded);
• How the data will be processed;
• How the results of the investigation will be communicated; and
• How the findings and investigation plan could be evaluated.



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