You are running a fully staffed successful artist management firm. Use and cite the concepts, tools and wisdom you gained from readings, class discussions and guest speakers to navigate the following scenario, make great decisions for your firm
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Assumed is the year of 2015.

Recommended Reading: Managing Oneself, by Peter Drucker, Harvard Business Review, January 2005.

d. Recommended Reading: What Was Is and Will Be Popular, by Adam Sternbergh, New York Times Magazine, September 8, 2013
d. Recommended Reading/Video: Inventing David Geffen, Documentary, PBS, 2012.

i. Recommended Readings:
1. “How to Kill Creativity” Amabile. – JUST FOCUS ON THIS READING FOR TONIGHT
2. “A Film Director’s Approach to Managing Creativity,” Morely et al.
3. “The Weird Rules of Creativity,” Sutton.
4. “Virtuoso Teams,” Fischer and Boynton.

ii. Entrepreneurs Feel Closer to God Than the Rest of Us Do, Mitchell Neubert, HBR, Oct 2013

Extra Readings:

The 11 Contracts Every Artist, Songwriter and Producer Should Know

v. Variety of Product – Recommended Reading: Sept 18 2015, Billboard, “Why Are Indie Rock Managers Repping Viral Stars”

d. Seasoned Executive’s Decision-Making Style, HBR ARTICLES, by Kenneth R. Brousseau, Michael J. Driver, Gary Hourihan, Rikard Larsson, Feb 1, 2006.

e. Readings:
How the Rich and Famous Can Stay Rich (if Not Famous), by Paul Sullivan. New York Times, July 10, 2010.
Could ‘Intervention’ Have Helped a Star? by Sarah Kershaw. New York Times, August 6, 2009.

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