Full Case Evaluation With Treatment Plan
Order Description
You will write an assessment report. The elements of the paper are to include:

Identifying Information (disguise names);
Presenting Problem;
History and Background Information;
Behavioral Observations;
Results of Assessments (if any);
Recommendations for Treatment.

Be sure the report is concise and relevant to the presenting problem. The information should present a coherent picture of the individual interviewed and logically lead to the diagnosis and recommended treatment.

The report should be presented in a way that any practitioner who reads it would have sufficient background information to immediately begin a successful course of treatment.

You are required to use the DSM-V in the report and as a source which can be found here:

You will also be required to use in the report the 5-Axis Diagnosis and the GAF.

The Client Info and Transcript, 5 Axis Diagnosis and GAF will be uploaded. The DSM-V is too large to upload so please find it in the link provided in the description.

Use FULL APA Style. CORRECT FORMATTING. First page must have the Running Head in the header but nowhere else, INCLUDE ABSTRACT and do NOT put any references in the abstract. Use proper and scientific language and correct grammar and syntax. Do not use casual expressions or first person in the text and make sure to use politically correct and non-offensive terminology. This is supposed to be platinum quality. DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON. Always refer to the author in third person. Use sources to relate to everything that you say. Use sources that are from the year 2000 and on. The more recent the better. Make sure all references are cited in the text

Commercial Transactions
Order Description

Commercial disputes often involve an analysis of the terms of agreements entered into by the parties concerned, in the context of the law surrounding them – such as contract law, specific provisions of Statutes, as well as precedents from cases interpreting both from time to time.

Compare and contrast the legal position of two different purchasers, who each purchase an almost identical $6,000 Afghan living room rug. One purchases a new rug from a large rug retailer (Ruggs Pty Limited) at the local Homemaker centre, while the other purchases theirs second-hand from a private person (Oliver). Oliver does not regularly sell items on eBay. Neither is an auction.
1. SITUATION ONE – The Vendor refuses to supply the rug

2. SITUATION TWO – The rug, when it arrives is not the same pattern or quality as the one on display in the Homemaker centre, or displayed in the advertisement on eBay.


• Students will need to download any terms and conditions/contractual arrangements from eBay governing the transaction at the date they commence the assignment and note that date in their assignment. These terms and conditions change from time to time and may have changed since any particular case was decided.

• Students will be expected to consider whether there is a contract, and between whom, the terms of any such contract, whether there has been any breach, and what remedies (if any) might be available in contract. They will also need to take into account provisions of the Australian Consumer Law and Sales of Goods Act covered in our syllabus and relevant to the particular situation.

• All assignment questions involve an element of research and it is strongly recommended that students commence that research early in the semester in order to provide a quality answer.

what i must include:

– must evaluate if there is a contract between the different parties
– and if there has been a breach of terms
– must include australian consumer law : consumer guarantees, s54 ( e.g acceptable quality) and if there has been a breach
– bailment
– sales of good act
– if there has been a breach of ebay terms and conditions ( ebay.com.au user agreement is used for the terms and conditions)

Topic: Western Civilization

Order Description
Who were the major philosophers of the Hellenistic period? How did the Hellenistic philosophers differ from the philosophers of Classical Greece?

WWII in the Pacific

Order Description
Qn: What does the Pacific War suggest about the risks posed by inter-service rivalries in the operational domain of war?

Opening Paragraph – to contain introduction and thesis statement to answer the question and provide a general framework of the paper

Adopt thematic framework for organization of paper to provide most direct and compelling answer to question.

Outline format:


Point 1
Evidence for Point 1

Point 2
Evidence for Point 2

Point 3
Evidence for Point 3

Counter Argument
Evidence for counter-argument

Evidence for rebuttal


real-world problem
Order Description
your research report should be double-spaced, 8-12 pages (excluding title page and table of contents), adhering to APA 6th edition, and following the outline below:
Title of Research Study
Table of Contents
Introduction (4-5 pages)
Background and Rationale – why are you interested in this topic? What’s the relevance to the real-world problem as related to organizational behavior?
Problem statement – what specific issue or concern do you plan to address? How will this study help close the knowledge gaps in the field of your interest?
Purpose/Objectives of study
Empirical research questions to be answered
Specific hypotheses to be tested and the variables involved – independent (predictor) vs. dependent variables (criterion); mediating vs. moderating variables
Literature Review (2-3 pages)
Sources/databases & search criteria for literature review
Citations, analysis & synthesis of 2 journal articles
Conclusion (2-3 pages)
Summary of findings and the significance
Limitations of your study
Opportunities for future study
List of References
Evaluation of the report will be based on the following:

The topic of inquiry is well conceptualized with a strong theoretical basis,
The research question is empirical (answerable),
The hypothesis is clearly articulated,
The studies included in literature review were carefully critiqued for validity and significance,
The analysis of findings was convincing,
The conclusions was logical and objective with both limitations and opportunities,
The writing is grammatically correct.

healthcare professional
As a healthcare professional, you will work to improve and maintain the health of individuals, families, and communities in various settings. Basic statistical analysis can be used to gain an understanding of current problems. Understanding the current situation is the first step in discovering where an opportunity for improvement exists. This course project will assist you in applying basic statistical principles to a fictional scenario in order to impact the health and wellbeing of the clients being served.
This assignment will be completed in phases throughout the quarter. As you gain additional knowledge through the didactic portion of this course, you will be able to apply your new knowledge to this project. You will receive formative feedback from your instructor on each submission. The final project will be due on week 10.
You are currently working at NCLEX Memorial Hospital in the Infectious Diseases Unit. Over the past few days, you have noticed an increase in patients admitted with a particular infectious disease. You believe that the ages of these patients play a critical role in the method used to treat the patients. You decide to speak to your manager and together you work to use statistical analysis to look more closely at the ages of these patients. You do some research and put together a spreadsheet of the data that contains the following information:
• Client number
• Infection Disease Status
• Age of the patient
You need the preliminary findings immediately so that you can start treating these patients. So let’s get to work!!!!
Background information on the Data:
The data set consists of 60 patients that have the infectious disease with ages ranging from 35 years of age to 76 years of age for NCLEX Memorial Hospital. Remember this assignment will be completed over the duration of the course.
Patient # Infectious Disease Age
1 Yes 69
2 Yes 35
3 Yes 60
4 Yes 55
5 Yes 49
6 Yes 60
7 Yes 72
8 Yes 70
9 Yes 70
10 Yes 73
11 Yes 68
12 Yes 72
13 Yes 74
14 Yes 69
15 Yes 46
16 Yes 48
17 Yes 70
18 Yes 55
19 Yes 49
20 Yes 60
21 Yes 72
22 Yes 70
23 Yes 76
24 Yes 56
25 Yes 59
26 Yes 64
27 Yes 71
28 Yes 69
29 Yes 55
30 Yes 61
31 Yes 70
32 Yes 55
33 Yes 45
34 Yes 69
35 Yes 54
36 Yes 48
37 Yes 60
38 Yes 61
39 Yes 50
40 Yes 59
41 Yes 60
42 Yes 62
43 Yes 63
44 Yes 53
45 Yes 64
46 Yes 50
47 Yes 69
48 Yes 52
49 Yes 68
50 Yes 70
51 Yes 69
52 Yes 59
53 Yes 58
54 Yes 69
55 Yes 65
56 Yes 61
57 Yes 59
58 Yes 71
59 Yes 71
60 Yes 68

Once you have made your corrections, you will make your final submission for the course project. Below is a summary of the expectations for Phase 5 of the course project:

Introduce your scenario and data set.
Provide a brief overview of the scenario you are given above and the data set that you will be analyzing.
Classify the variables in your data set.
Which variables are quantitative/qualitative?
Which variables are discrete/continuous?
Describe the level of measurement for each variable included in your data set.
Discuss the importance of the Measures of Center and the Measures of Variation.
What are the measures of center and why are they important?
What are the measures of variation and why are they important?
Calculate the measures of center and measures of variation. Interpret your results in context of the selected topic.
Standard Deviation
Discuss the importance of constructing confidence intervals for the population mean.
What are confidence intervals?
What is a point estimate?
What is the best point estimate for the population mean? Explain.
Why do we need confidence intervals?
Based on your selected topic, evaluate the following:
Find the best point estimate of the population mean.
Construct a 95% confidence interval for the population mean. Assume that your data is normally distributed and s is unknown.
Please show your work for the construction of this confidence interval and be sure to use the Equation Editor to format your equations.
Write a statement that correctly interprets the confidence interval in context of your selected topic.
Based on your selected topic, evaluate the following:
Find the best point estimate of the population mean.
Construct a 99% confidence interval for the population mean. Assume that your data is normally distributed and s is unknown.
Please show your work for the construction of this confidence interval and be sure to use the Equation Editor to format your equations.
Write a statement that correctly interprets the confidence interval in context of your selected topic.
Compare and contrast your findings for the 95% and 99% confidence interval.
Did you notice any changes in your interval estimate? Explain.
What conclusion(s) can be drawn about your interval estimates when the confidence level is increased? Explain.
Discuss the process for hypothesis testing.
Discuss the 8 steps of hypothesis testing?
When performing the 8 steps for hypothesis testing, which method do you prefer; P-Value method or Critical Value method? Why?
Perform the hypothesis test.
If you selected Option 1:
Original Claim: The average salary for all jobs in Minnesota is less than $65,000.
Test the claim using a = 0.05 and assume your data is normally distributed and s is unknown.

If you selected Option 2:
Original Claim: The average age of all patients admitted to the hospital with infectious diseases is less than 65 years of age.
Test the claim using a = 0.05 and assume your data is normally distributed and s is unknown.

Based on your selected topic, answer the following:
Write the null and alternative hypothesis symbolically and identify which hypothesis is the claim.
Is the test two-tailed, left-tailed, or right-tailed? Explain.
Which test statistic will you use for your hypothesis test; z-test or t-test? Explain.
What is the value of the test-statistic? What is the P-value?
What is the critical value?
What is your decision; reject the null or do not reject the null?
Explain why you made your decision including the results for your p-value and the critical value.
State the final conclusion in non-technical terms.
Recap your ideas by summarizing the information presented in context of your chosen scenario.
Please be sure to show all of your work and use the Equation Editor to format your equations.

important This assignment should be formatted using APA guidelines and a minimum of 2 pages in length.


Work individually to complete this assignment. You will be posting journal entries, one per book section, about your reaction to Where am I Wearing? The purposes of this journal are: to stimulate thought about the course material (even when you are not in class), to point out the relevance of the course concepts to everyday life, and to provide a starting point for class discussions about the material.

For entry, you should write a minimum of two paragraphs. The first paragraph should provide a brief overview of the chapters in that section (e.g., what happened in the chapter, what countries/factories he visited, which people he interacted with, etc.). The second paragraph should provide your reaction to the chapter. Exactly what you write in the second paragraph is up to you. Some things that you might consider writing about include, but are not limited to: how the material covered in the chapter relates to the material covered in the class, how the material covered in the chapter changed or strengthened your ideas or opinions about global apparel sourcing, how the material covered in the chapter relates to an experience you have personally had, how the material covered in the chapter will influence your future decisions as an apparel professional, or any questions that you have about the chapter or the course materials.

You will be using Moodle to upload your assignments.

Your journal entries are due BEFORE the chapters are discussed in class. There are five (5) dates for your submitting journal. These dates are posted in the calendar in the syllabus. So, make sure you keep up with your reading and journal postings as the course moves along.

Your journal entries will be graded on content only. Grammar and spelling will not be assessed. However, it is easier for the instructor and the TA(s) to understand your content if your grammar and spelling do not distract the readers.
Grading (20 points):

_____ First paragraph summary (8 points)
concise, accurate

_____ Second paragraph reactions (12 points)
displays a thoughtful response to chapter information, makes connections to course content or life experiences

_____/20 points

Topic: Allegory and the cave

Order Description
This essay has to do with the allegory and the cave and its philosophical importance to philosophers; Locke, Hume, and Descartes. Explain what it means and how it relates

Image of the allegory and the cave map


Subject: History

Topic: Since 9/11 the United States faced and continues to face unique challenges. In some ways, however, the United States has responded to these challenges by being “more like what America really is” to paraphrase some leading neoconservative scholars. Explain

Topic: American History

Order Description
Write and essay that describes how, in your view, the democratic constitution traditions of the American people, born in struggles to limit monarchical and aristocratic power and to abolish slavery, and nourished by waves of immigrants who organized to secure recognition of their rights as citizens and workers, have influenced and continue to be enriched by contemporary American freedom struggles.

Your essay must contain reference to at least one specific event, person or key document from each of these eras(those of the American Revolution, the civil war, mass immigration, labor’s rise and decline).

It also must refer specifically to at least one contemporary American freedom struggle and describe–again, specifically–how it has been shaped or influenced by American democratic constitutional traditions.