3-5 pages, double spaced

3-5 pages, double spaced
Minimum of 2 sources
Must select from the syllabus list and cannot be topic used before
Must narrow your topic to a specific geographical area
Specific Target Audience: President Obama
Discuss Proposal , Annotated Bibliography , population and pollution

Why do Hindus pee, worship, throw industrial and religious waste, bathe and drink in the same river water? Especially in India
yes our river ganga has coliform killing bacteria…but why dirty the river and cause diseases? Its not like they aren’t. I don’t understand why do we Indians need to learn the rules of sanitation from some shi#%y celebrity folks?
india is corrupt, not only politically, but also in relation to religion. There is speech of guaranteeing human place next to the gods through the rituals – e.g. throwing the bodies and ashes on the river. For hundreds years they have been following those customs, they would not stopping doing it in a couple decades. It is like they do not see anything beyond the religion, and of course there are economic interests in it. Moreover, agreements between business and politicians, together with the lack of Government’s will make it difficult even for those 2% or 3% interested in helping to recover the river.

Currency Trade Report

Currency Trade Report

Write a 2-3 page report explaining your trading strategy and results. What was your initial trading strategy? What changes did you make to your strategy? Why did you get the results you did? What would you do differently if you were to do the exercise again? What did you learn about currency markets by participating in the exercise?



Order Description
Students will write an essay, 500-750 words in length, on a topic selected from the list below. The purpose of the project is to give students an opportunity to discuss a key political science concept, and to show a basic understanding of academic research and reporting skills. The project consists of producing a 500-750 word essay on one of the provided topics (see below), as well as a works cited page for sources containing information used in the essay. The assignment is to be formatted according to the Modern Language Association (MLA) style. Papers not formatted properly will not receive a passing grade.

Students should use Courier or New Courier 12 point as the paper’s font, double space the text, and create one inch margins on all four sides of the page. In addition, the assignment should be formatted according to MLA style for papers with no title page.
1. As the authors explain in Chapter 2, “The Founding and the Constitution,” the Constitution can be changed by formal, as well as informal, means. Complete the following assignment: •Describe the formal amendment process, as put forth in Article V of the Constitution and explain why the founders chose those rules for formally amending the Constitution.
•Provide an explanation of the informal process of amending the Constitution.
•Define “loose construction” and “strict construction” methods of constitutional interpretation, and describe how each perspective aligns with formal versus informal methods of change.
•Explain whether you favor a method of loose construction or strict construction of the Constitution. Identify what you view as the benefits of your perspective.

Safety metrics and analytics for Qantas airlines

Safety metrics and analytics for Qantas airlines

Order Description
Its a group report assignment, so my part is just to talk about safety with the metrics on the Longview report for qantas airlines and then analyse and write about initiatives (listed in the diversity report) Qantas took action on their metrics by implementing wellness initiatives…etc
Ill upload the assignment guide and requirements , I don’t need any introduction , so please just write about my part

telling another history – environmental and climatic

telling another history – environmental and climatic

Order Description
research paper consists of telling another history – environmental and climatic – of (choose one): – a place – a date / event / period – a human character – a non-human – a controversy – a word / concept. – an object.
Instructions: From the start, you should link human and non-humans, society and environment. The use of history presupposes a chronological order / logic that is not the same of an analytical research paper. All historical periods are eligible, whether the Anthropocene or more ancient periods, that allow thinking contemporary times from an outside perspective. Environmental changes must necessarily be an element presented, climate change also, if possible (but this is not always possible). The main objective is to explore the cultural and social relation between people and the environment. The choice of subject is entirely open.
The paper should have between 10 000 and 15 000 characters (including bibliography and spaces).

innovation and managment

innovation and managment
Order Description
description for the assignment
Given that successful innovation is the process of successfully taking a technology/idea/invention to market, your selected innovation should be something which has already been successfully commercialised.
Innovation is the management of all the activities involved in the process of: ? idea generation (normally to solve a problem) ? technology development ? manufacturing ? marketing of a new technology/idea/invention “The successful exploitation of new ideas”. (Trott, 2012)
(i.e. innovation = invention + exploitation).
You should therefor try to research an invention and exploitation process, as the aim of this exercise is create a case-study on how to manage successful innovation.
Which innovation should you chose for Assignment 2?
This project requires you to select an “innovation” that you personally find inspiring. The innovation that you select will relate to Innovation Management You will research and analyse all innovation aspects of the subject that you have selected (why is it innovative)

The case order below depends on the story you will write, stage of growth and type of innovation. Therefore, try to find information on and comment on:
? The Problem being solved ? The Solution ? The inventor/creator ? Customers ? Markets ? Market Size ? Execution plan ? Revenue Model (how does it make money) ? Partners ? Competition ? Management ? Financials ? Closing the loop (conclusion)
Typical Innovation case Structure?
?write a story… Approx. 20% on Story (problem) & Solution
? 25% on Markets, Existing Customers, Partners
? 35% on Traction, Execution, Value Proposition, Revenue Model and Barriers to Entry
? 20% on Team and Financials.
please include all the references that you will use on the paper..

Topics may include ethical aspects of business, planning, competition, or other related topic

Read the case and answer the questions, here is the instruction:
Topics may include ethical aspects of business, planning, competition, or other related topic. Advance registration is required and space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Specific dates and times will be made available prior to the events. Following the session, you are to provide a report addressing the following:
1. A very brief description of the event attended.
2. A discussion of the MGT490 chapters and topics that best apply to the case. This should be more than a simple mention of the chapter or case. I’m looking for at least 3 areas where you show why & how the material relates. This is a critical part of the assignment.
3. A brief summary of the different views expressed.
4. A brief summary of the alternatives for resolving the issue proposed.
5. The specific course of action that you would recommend for resolving the issue.
6. Your reaction to the presentation or discussion.
7. The key learning points from the event.

Students should individually complete a one page write-up which covers the seven points listed above. The write-up may not exceed one (1) single spaced page (using a font not smaller than Times New Roman 10 point) with 1” margins. The written assignment is due no later than one week following the session. Grading will be based on your participation at the event, and your written work.

Select an article from the resources section and present an analysis of the subject with a futuristic perspective. Respond the following questions

Select an article from the resources section and present an analysis of the subject with a futuristic perspective. Respond the following questions: What is the main issue presented in this report, how does it will impact the country and the region, and which will be the positive and negative repercussions. Post your responses in the Discussion Forum. You are encouraged to enter en dialogue with other classmates.


Compare between the colosseum in Rome, 80 CE, early empire and Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza 1579-80 late Italian Renaissance.

Compare between Agora in Athens c. 500 BCE classical period Greece and the forbidden city in Beijing 15th century.

(Plan – interior – exterior – purpose – use – commission )