Computer Science

Assignment 4: This assignment should reflect a clear continuation from your Assignment 3 to help you “build” your semester project. DIRECTIONS: -Carefully review your semester project requirements. -Select only Part E: The Proposed Solution. -Use the AU online library to find one or two articles on your topic of interest to use in this paper (these should be new/additional articles to the ones you used for Assignment 3). -Write a two page paper addressing only this section. The body of the report should show the following sections: Section 1: Background & Problem Statement Present a brief (no more than 1 page), concise, and to the point overview on the type of industry you are focusing on, the nature of the business process/product/service you are targeting, and a clear business problem statement you identified previously in Assignment 3. Section 2: Exploring A Proposed Solution Based on the response you provided in section 1, above, discuss possible methods which a particular type of innovation solution may be suitable (develop new, or improve existing). But do NOT go into any detail here about any technology, product, or process in particular. Your report should include the following using Microsoft Word: – Cover page (feel free to download and use the one I posted under APA resources for you). – A “lead” statement, before you actually begin writing Section 1. This should be a short paragraph basically introducing the reader to what you are about to write. No details of any kind are presented here. – A Summary Statement, after you finish writing Section 2. – Reference page (please cite the article/s you used for this paper – these need to be different from your previous assignment). Report should be around 2 pages, APA style, double spaced – excluding the cover page and reference page.