Extra Credit: 20 points REPORT FORMAT: COVER PAGE Each report is to contain a cover page with the following information: Title, Student name, Course Name, Term, and Year SUMMARY OF INFORMATION The report is to consist of a summary of information gathered from one or multiple INTERNET sites on a subject relating to recent developments in any area of biology that relates to humans. . REACTION TO THE MATERIAL Using either option below make sure to include a reaction to the material. For example: How do I feel about the issue / what did I learn about the issue / how does this issue relate to the course / How does this issue relate to my life / etc. REFERENCES Include the home page address or addresses of all material referenced REPORT REQUIREMENTS: Each report is to be typed, double spaced, and the body copy a minimum of 1200 words (not including cover and reference pages) in length. If it is less than 1200 words (even 1199) it receives a zero The entire report is to be written in your own words (do not use quotes, footnotes, etc.). SUBMISSION: Submit report via E-MAIL DUE TIME & DATE : Must be submitted no later than JULY 30 (or before) PLEASE NOTE: IN ORDER TO RECEIVE ANY CREDIT AT ALL 1. The report must be submitted on time 2. The body copy must be a minimum of 1200 words (not including cover and reference pages) 3. It must be written IN YOUR OWN WORDS! Not one phrase is to be directly copied from the reference material