Children and teens

Children and teens

part 1 :
you must read these two files before you start working , it’s very important to understand you what lecturer wanna see in your writing, and you have to write about :
Chapter 7 (Issues in children’s library services) at this link:
Chapter 6: Programming in Peck, P. (2014). Crash Course in Children?s Services (2nd Edition). Oxford, GBR: Libraries Unlimited, pp. 68-87.

Part 2 :
you have to answer these fourth questions :

1- What?s the problem with unattended kids in the library? And what do we do about it?

2- Kids and privacy. What is our responsibility to kids? To parents?

3- What memories do you have as a child or teen using the library, or if you?re a parent, of your kids using the library?

4- What is the point of school holiday programs? Free entertainment?

5- Share about some interesting programs, products or service for teens & kids that you?ve discovered this semester.
Part 3 :
you must choose:

One of your activities must be a program review.
One of your activities must be a service review.