Management Information Systems MIS 310 – Post Implementation Review Project (see attached documents for Assignment Overview) 5 total assignments the

PIR Project Overview/Grading Criteria What is a “post-implementaTon review”? Simply put, a post-implementaTon review (PIR) is a review of and a report on a recently completed informaTon system/informaTon technology project. ±he purpose of a PIR is to describe the project in depth, reviewing key aspects of the project development or acquisiTon and implementaTon processes, and then assessing what was done right or what could have been done be²er. Many approaches to informaTon technology management call for this kind of a post mortem review as a means of seeking improvement in future projects. As students go through the semester, learning about informaTon systems and the management of informaTon technology, this project will help them to apply and synthesize what they are learning. What kind of informaTon system project are you likely to Fnd to study? It is important for students to realize that very few organizaTons build new informaTon systems from scratch anymore. Most new informaTon systems are essenTally a selecTon, integraTon and deployment of components: soFware, hardware, database, network, process and security elements. All these components must be con³gured together in order to accomplish a parTcular funcTon. ±his new phenomenon will be an important theme in the MIS 310 course. ±herefore, more oFen than not, students in MIS 310 will be studying the implementaTon of a commercially available soFware package within a speci³c o´ce or organizaTonal unit. Of course, there are excepTons. ±he following lists examples of informaTon systems reviewed by students compleTng this project: ImplementaTon of a new soFware package or turnkey system (like a complete restaurant management or point of sale system) that has been purchased from a vendor An electronic commerce applicaTon that conducts business-to-business transacTons An electronic government applicaTon like a county website where ciTzens can login to pay their taxes and fees A company website that sells merchandise online to consumers A corporate intranet used to distribute database informaTon and applicaTons across units of a large bank A project to make signi³cant customizaTons and enhancements of an exisTng informaTon system to improve both funcTonality and security An online TckeTng system for a local theatre A new accounTng system (soFware package) installed for a community religious organizaTon, like a church, mosque or synagogue