Hi its been a while. The professor is very serious about APA style and APA style references. The paper:

Hi its been a while….if you are interested, I need some help with a final paper. The professor is very serious about APA style and APA style references. The paper: Find a company (or other organization) that has a reputation for excellence in some aspect of project work.  Benchmark their methods and determine how you can use the results to help your project team improve.  Papers should be approximately 7-9 pages in length, cover page, abstract page, reference page, minimum 3 to 4 references and conform to APA 6th format standards. I need the paper by November 9, 2015. The class is project change management. The book used is contemporary project management 3rd ed. Author is Timothy Kloppenborg.

Management Information Systems MIS 310 – Post Implementation Review Project (see attached documents for Assignment Overview) 5 total assignments the

PIR Project Overview/Grading Criteria What is a “post-implementaTon review”? Simply put, a post-implementaTon review (PIR) is a review of and a report on a recently completed informaTon system/informaTon technology project. ±he purpose of a PIR is to describe the project in depth, reviewing key aspects of the project development or acquisiTon and implementaTon processes, and then assessing what was done right or what could have been done be²er. Many approaches to informaTon technology management call for this kind of a post mortem review as a means of seeking improvement in future projects. As students go through the semester, learning about informaTon systems and the management of informaTon technology, this project will help them to apply and synthesize what they are learning. What kind of informaTon system project are you likely to Fnd to study? It is important for students to realize that very few organizaTons build new informaTon systems from scratch anymore. Most new informaTon systems are essenTally a selecTon, integraTon and deployment of components: soFware, hardware, database, network, process and security elements. All these components must be con³gured together in order to accomplish a parTcular funcTon. ±his new phenomenon will be an important theme in the MIS 310 course. ±herefore, more oFen than not, students in MIS 310 will be studying the implementaTon of a commercially available soFware package within a speci³c o´ce or organizaTonal unit. Of course, there are excepTons. ±he following lists examples of informaTon systems reviewed by students compleTng this project: ImplementaTon of a new soFware package or turnkey system (like a complete restaurant management or point of sale system) that has been purchased from a vendor An electronic commerce applicaTon that conducts business-to-business transacTons An electronic government applicaTon like a county website where ciTzens can login to pay their taxes and fees A company website that sells merchandise online to consumers A corporate intranet used to distribute database informaTon and applicaTons across units of a large bank A project to make signi³cant customizaTons and enhancements of an exisTng informaTon system to improve both funcTonality and security An online TckeTng system for a local theatre A new accounTng system (soFware package) installed for a community religious organizaTon, like a church, mosque or synagogue

topic:choose a European country other than UK, France,Germany, and Netherlands. give the country a new policy/change 2.give some background of the..

topic:choose a European country other than UK, France,Germany, and Netherlands.1.. give the country a new policy/change

2..give some background of the country

3..why is it a good idea to change the policy of the country your writing about.

4..talk about the politics of the country

NOTE: 1500 words-5 to 7 pages

3 published Peer- Reviewed sources are needed.

1) Suppose the yield to maturity on a 2 year Treasury note was 4 % while the yield on a 1 year note was 5%.

I need help answering the following questions please:

1) Suppose the yield to maturity on a 2 year Treasury note was 4 % while the yield on a 1 year note was 5%. Assume that neither Treasury note had coupon payments, so the only payment was the face value received when the note matured.

a) Why is it unusual for yields on longer term notes to be lower than yields on shorter term notes?

b) Why would any investor buy the 2 year note (instead of the 1 year) given its lower yield? (for full credit your answer must involve a specific number)

2) Suppose the CFO of an American corporation with surplus cash flow has $90 million to invest and the corporation does not believe it will need to utilize these funds to retool or expand production capacity for 1 year. Suppose further that the interest rate on 1 year CD deposits in US banks is .5 %, while the rate on 1 year CD deposits (denominated in Australian dollars) is currently 2.5 %. Suppose further that the exchange rate currently is (.8) Australian Dollars per US $.What must the CFO expect about the Australian Dollar/US$ exchange rate 1 year from now if she chooses to invest in the US $ CD’s instead of the Australian CD’s? (Note: a specific numeric answer is required for full credit. Part credit can be earned for correctly identifying and discussing the issue here without a specific numeric answer.)

3) Between February 2008 and Summer 2009 the Fed supplemented its open market operations with a greatly expanded program of direct lending (both overnight and short term 28 and 84 day loans) to commercial banks, investment banks, brokerage and primary dealer units of bank holding companies. It also agreed to accept a wider range of short term securities (instead of accepting only T-Bills) as collateral on these loans and even initiated a program to buy commercial paper from money market funds.

A) Explain why the Fed created all these extraordinary direct lending facilities, instead of simply relying on traditional open market purchases of Treasury securities. (hint: You may wish to look at Bernanke’s recent lecture series at GW university (on the Federal Reserve Website)—particularly the 3rd in the 4 lecture series. A link to it is on the main Federal Reserve site page)

B) As conditions in short term financial markets improved by summer of 2009 the Fed closed down its lending under almost all these programs. However, since then the Fed has engaged in 3 campaigns in which for a period of months it has increased substantially its purchases of longer term mortgage backed securities and treasury notes from banks. These programs were called “Quantitative Easing 1, 2 and 3. QE 3 has just begun this Fall and according to the Fed will be maintained until real economic growth strengthens and the unemployment rate declines.
What is the effect of these QE programs on banks’ balance sheets? Explain briefly

C) What would believers in the quantity theory of money (monetarists) expect to result from these large scale purchases of securities by the Fed? Explain your answer in a few sentences and discuss the concept of the velocity of circulation in your answer.

D) Assume that at some point in the next year or two both lender & borrower confidence levels start to return to normal and financial and physical investment levels start to rise much more strongly than in the last 2 years. What potential problem will the balance sheet effects of Quantitative Easing described in your answer to part B create then for the Fed?

How will the Fed’s relatively recent authorization to pay interest to banks on their reserve accounts at the Fed help the Fed deal with this problem? Explain.

4) At the same meeting of the open market committee where it announced Quantitative Easing 3, the Fed chose to also announce that its currently low Fed funds rate of 0 to .25% would be maintained until at least the middle of 2015. Previously it had merely said that it would keep that rate low until early 2014. Why would changing investors’ expectations that the Fed would keep the overnight Fed Funds rate at its current low level for at least 18 months longer than previously promised be helpful to the Fed at this time. (hint…think about shape of the Treasury yield curve) Explain your answer in a paragraph.

5) Given the current condition of the US economy, do you think US policy makers would prefer to see the $ rise in value, decline in value or stay at its current value? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages to the US economy at this time of a stronger vs. a weaker $. Frame your answer in terms of the current Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply behavior of the US economy.

6) Signs of investor uneasiness in continuing to purchase treasury securities issued by heavily indebted sovereign states such as Greece and Spain have triggered a debate about raising the debt ceiling here. “Tea Party” republicans in the House of Representatives have made “out of control” government spending a rallying cry in all their political campaigns since fall 2010 and insist that any legislation to balance the federal budget over the next few years must rely solely on reductions in government spending and transfer programs with no tax increases. The republican presidential candidate in the current election repeats this party line as well. Democrats insist that some significant portion of any deficit reduction package must be based on closing tax loopholes and increasing marginal tax rates on wealthy households (income greater than $1 million). They also argue that although credible deficit reduction measures need to be put in place soon, the actual phase-in of those measures—whether tax increases or reductions in entitlement spending programs –must be gradual and await a strengthening of RGDP growth in the US economy.

Given the current situation of the US economy, compare and contrast the views of a “Keynesian”, to those of a “Supply Sider” with respect to the issues in this debate.
(Note: you do not have to agree with my political perspective to score well on this question. You do need to demonstrate understanding of the arguments on either side of the debate between Keynesians and Supply Siders and demonstrate understanding of the distinction between the short run and the long run in terms of those issues.

Three-page proposal I want you to talk about the Alibaba Group The largest Internet retailer company in China The 11.11 shopping festival Change the…

Economics of Regulation

This course explores the evolving regulatory structure affecting economic relations between manufacturers and distributors. The recent appearance and rapid growth of Internet retailers has disrupted traditional relationships between such firms, which provides both the background and context for this course. What has been the impact of Internet retailers; how have traditional retailers and manufactures reacted to the appearance of these new firms; and what has been the regulatory response? Classroom sessions will include discussion of these issues as well as lectures. Because regulatory issues concern legal as well as economic issues, this course will consider legal decisions along with economic arguments and analysis.

Students are required to write a 15 to 17 pages research paper on a topic related to the economic role of Internet commerce in a specific industry.

Please answer the following questions: 1) The Economy cannot be considered fully employed unless the measured unemployment rate is below 1%.

1) The Economy cannot be considered fully employed unless the measured unemployment rate is below 1%. Agree or disagree and explain your answer in a paragraph.

2A) Why would you expect the inflation rate to accelerate if the actual unemployment rate declined to a level lower than the “full employment” unemployment rate and remained at that low level for a year or longer? Explain your answer in a few sentences.

B) Draw an AS/AD diagram illustrating your answer to part (A). Be sure to label all lines and axes in your diagram clearly.

3) A) Suppose Jean Splicer, an investor, buys $300,000 of shares of stock in a diversified bundle of Bio-tech firms and exactly one year later sells those shares for $315,000. Assume the value of the CPI at the date of Jean’s purchase was 180 and rose by the sale date one year later to 190 while the value of the GDP Deflator was 120 at the time of her purchase and rose to 125 by the date she sold her shares. What was Jean’s real rate of return on this investment?

B) Explain why you used either the CPI data or the GDPD data in your answer to part A.

4) A) Suppose that several months of data showed the CPI increasing at a 4.5% annual rate due largely to increases in the price of energy and food related commodities following several years when the CPI only increased by 1% per year. Suppose this increase causes investor expectations of annual inflation to also increase from 1% to 4.5%. Assume, at the same time that fears of higher inflation creates concerns that rising interest rates will derail the economic recovery and lead to another recession. Assume the resulting increase in risk aversion among investors drives the expected real rate of return required to equate investor demand to the existing supply of 1 year Treasury notes down to 0.5 % from 2%. What would you expect to happen to the nominal yields on 1-year T-notes during the period over which these changes in inflation expectations and required real yields occurred? (Give a numerical answer if possible) Explain your reasoning.

B) Draw a supply/demand diagram of the US Treasury bond market to illustrate the effects on it of the developments cited in part A. (Note: you do not have to include the exact numerical price before and after the change in expectations.) Label your diagram clearly!

5) Between mid 2008 and mid 2009 measured RGDP in the economy fell by 3.8% as the US economy sank into a recession. Over that same time period total employment in terms of hours worked declined by 7% and the unemployment rate rose sharply from 5.8% to 9.4%
What can you infer from this data about the rate of labor productivity growth in the US economy during this period? If possible give a numerical answer, but in any case explain your answer in a few sentences.

6) The $787 billion stimulus package, “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” passed in Winter 2009 contained a mix of tax rebates, tax credits and increases in various transfer payments (such as extension of unemployment compensation). It also contained funding for a large number of infrastructure spending projects and some funding for scientific research. Most republican legislators voted against the proposed stimulus bill on the grounds that it should have contained more tax cuts and less infrastructure/research spending.

A) Briefly explain the economic rationale for enacting a large fiscal stimulus package, given the macroeconomic condition of the US economy four years ago.

B) Describe and contrast the “multiplier effects” on AD of each $1 billion of tax cuts/transfer increases with the “multiplier effects” on AD of each $1billion of increased infrastructure spending. (Which has the larger multiplier effect or are they both the same?) Assume in both cases that the lower tax rates and higher infrastructure expenditure levels would be phased in over a 2 year period and are assumed to continue indefinitely following that

Apple-Samsung patent wars: Is a damaged reputation bad for sales?

  1. Apple-Samsung patent wars: Is a damaged reputation bad for sales? Time: 7 days and if you could finish earlier than that, even better.

This article that you are going to have research on  it MUST be a peer-reviewed article. In another word, who are the resources. The essay needs to be written in APA style.

The instruction for an essay

1-The essay MUST be 3000 words

2-Excucitive Summary

3- Introduction

4- Problem statement


6- Evaluation


8- Conclusion

The above points are the instruction on how an essay needs to be written. Please feel free to ask any question.

Note: If the work is good, I will make sure to leave a good tip on top of that $200. Thanks

Type a 2000 word Essay and give three examples of people impersonating soldiers or in other words "stolen valor" I want you to provide

Type a 2000 word Essay and give three examples of people impersonating soldiers or in other words “stolen valor” I want you to provide details on how (IE place it occurred, how they got caught) the crime was committed and what they were charged with. For one of your examples tell me who Jonathan Wade short is, I gave you one now find two more. It must be 12pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced.